For Landowners

Scenic Rivers is eager to connect with landowners with 10 or more acres of conservable land that they want to protect in perpetuity. The process of placing a conservation easement on your property is straight-forward and begins with reaching out to our professional staff.

However, if you are just beginning to ponder conserving your land or are simply curious about the process, we provide a variety of resources here to equip you with important knowledge about this exciting opportunity, including a recording of our July 2020 Conservation Easements 101 Workshop for Landowners.

Conservation Easements 101 Workshop for Landowners

Recorded in July 2020, this online workshop covers the basics of conservation easements. Scenic Rivers Executive Director Sarah Knebel walks you through how conserving your land can:

  • make you eligible for payments and/or tax deductions without selling your land;
  • protect your property from residential or commercial development in perpetuity;
  • retain property ownership for future generations; and
  • benefit our environment by improving local water quality and protecting wildlife habitat.

Topics include eligibility criteria, financial benefits, standard conservation easement terms, programs, processes, and timelines.

Watch as your schedule allows, then follow up with our team with any questions!