Donated Conservation Easement Protects South County Forest

Scenic Rivers conserves 352 acres of ecologically valuable land in Anne Arundel County in 2019

Scenic Rivers Land Trust closed out 2019 by permanently protecting 67 acres of forested land in southern Anne Arundel County. The easement, which is coheld with Maryland Environmental Trust, closed in late December, bringing Scenic Rivers’ to a total of 352 acres conserved in 2019.

A South County landowner donated the conservation easement on the property, which is located in the Herring Bay watershed and is within the Anne Arundel County Greenways Network and one of Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Forest Priority Areas.  The entirely forested property also contains more than 1,400 linear feet of stream channel, as well as 7 acres of wetland. Additionally, there are more than 1,000 acres of protected lands within one mile of the newly protected property, further enhancing its conservation value.

“We prioritize conserving contiguous protected lands, in part, because of the dramatic, positive impact that accumulated uninterrupted habitats have on the health of our wildlife and our waterways,” said Scenic Rivers’ executive director Sarah Knebel. “We are thankful for landowners who recognize the value of conservation and make choices for their land that benefit the entire community.”

Scenic Rivers now holds 69 conservation easements in Anne Arundel County for a total of 3,124 acres.

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