Scenic Rivers Land Trust Protects 70+ acres in Crownsville

Forested land conserved through county and Chesapeake Bay Trust grant program

5 acres to be planted with trees in spring

Annapolis, MD (December 28, 2020) — Scenic Rivers Land Trust recently permanently protected 70.9 acres along the North River in Crownsville from development. The landowner granted a conservation easement, which extinguishes development rights, on a largely forested portion of their family farm, forever protecting ecologically valuable habitat and helping to ensure the land remains in the family.

Funding for the conservation easement was provided by the Anne Arundel County Forestry and Forested Land Protection Grant Program, a grant program administered by the Chesapeake Bay Trust and funded by Anne Arundel County.

“Protecting forests and family farms is important for both the character and the long-term health of Anne Arundel County,” said County Executive Steuart Pittman. “We’re proud to partner with the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Scenic Rivers to invest in our county’s green future.”

The conserved property is almost entirely wooded, with 66 acres of mature forest and 5 acres of fields to be planted with trees in the spring with funds from the same grant program. The forest is noted as a Green Infrastructure Hub and Targeted Ecological Area by Maryland Department of Natural Resources and part of the South River Greenway Important Bird Area by Audubon. In addition, the property includes six acres of wetlands and 2,500 linear feet of stream.

“We are excited to be expanding Anne Arundel County’s network of protected lands,” said Scenic Rivers Executive Director Sarah Knebel. “The importance of our wild and open spaces is not lost on anyone this year. Clean air, healthy waterways, and places of beauty and relaxation are so important to the health of our communities. Thanks to the county’s commitment to protecting our forests and farms, as well as conservation-minded landowners, we can continue to work together to build a resilient network of natural and open lands that will be there for us long into the future.”

About Scenic Rivers Land Trust

A nationally accredited land trust, Scenic Rivers is a private nonprofit dedicated to protecting forests, wetlands, farmlands, and other open spaces in Anne Arundel County. Since 1988, Scenic Rivers has used land conservation easements to protect special places from development and to facilitate tax incentives for property owners. To date, Scenic Rivers holds 70 conservation easements across the county, totaling more than 3,000 acres. To learn about Scenic Rivers’ conservation programs, visit 


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