Working Toward a Stronger, More Just Community

Scenic Rivers Land Trust stands in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color in the efforts to end the racism that still exists in many forms throughout this country. The recent widespread Black Lives Matter protests – and the acts of violence that led to them – have been a powerful reminder that ensuring an equal and just society is the responsibility of all individuals, organizations, and institutions.

Scenic Rivers’ mission is to protect the forests, farms, streams, wetlands, and other open spaces in Anne Arundel County. We do this to help all human communities and natural ecosystems thrive. We know that protected lands are integral to human health and quality of life. They provide clean air, clean water, food, cooler temperatures, beauty, and relaxation. We strive to conserve these important places throughout our service area, guided by our ecological, agricultural, and cultural value requirements. We welcome the opportunity to work with all landowners.

Addressing and ending racial inequality takes hard work and diligence. Scenic Rivers is grateful for this reminder that we can always do more to make the land conservation community more inclusive. We stand ready to listen and learn from you on ways to do this; please let us hear your voices. We have been working to ensure our organization adequately reflects the diversity of our county while our educational and outreach programs also engage that same diversity. We are committed to continuing this effort.


With love,

Sarah Knebel
Executive Director

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